We love Stamptastic


We have all been there, when your children come home from school missing a jumper, their pe kit, pencil cases or such. If you are lucky it will be named and be in the depths of the lost property box or lying round school somewhere gathering dust. If not named you have little chance of seeing it again and lets face it school uniform and equipment these days isn’t cheap!

Then you have the label cut outers. The parent who cuts the label you have neatly written or spent hours on the Sunday before school starts painfully sewing or ironing in and hoping they don’t fall out in the first wash or the first time they are chucked on the floor and used as football goal posts.

Stamptastic has got the answer to this.

With a personalised stamp you can choose the name, font, size and a picture, the children will love the variety of animals, paw prints and cakes to choose from.
With a transparent block for easy positioning it is so very easy to use. You simply stamp on to the ink pad and then on to the clothes. No hours spent sewing, no hours spent ironing and no one can cut the label out because you can stamp on to the material itself as long as its not see through and you are not confined to clothes either. dd who had great fun with the Stamptastic now has stamps on every calculator, pencil case, shoes, rulers, bags the lot!
Even the 12 year old conceded that it was good fun and useful and better than paying seventy pounds to replace her sports kit!

Stamps cost £10 for a personalised stamp with the additional purchase needed for an ink pad of £12. Less than the cost of one lost jumper…
See website for details. http://www.stamptastic.co.uk/


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