Liliputians Small Accessories, ‘MIGHTY’ Impressions!

My daughter loves hair bands, pretty bows and fancy clips but she also loves to run, climb trees and swing from the highest most heart stopping zip slide she can find and lets face it the two aren’t usually compatible. I have lost count of the amount of hair bands, clips and fancy hair accessories we have arrived home without after a day out.

So why are Liliputians different then? Well firstly it stayed in. My daughter wore the hair band all day including during PE and it stayed in.

Another issue we found is that we struggle to find hair accessories which fit her head but also aren’t too babyish. At twelve the adult hair bands do not fit and fall out easily and the ones that do fit are glittery character filled plastic which isn’t exactly a cool look for an almost teen.

The band we tried had scarf like material and a wide Alice band making it even more secure but most of all it didn’t rub or hurt at the back of the ears like many do.

We would not hesitate to buy from Liliputians range again. Lovely designs and very practical wear for all ages.


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