Emily Brown and the Thing – The Lowry Theatre


Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton

As a theatre lover there is nothing better than the entranced faces and giggles of small children in the theatre and knowing if we get them in as children they will hopefully return as adults.

It can be difficult to translate our favourite bedtime stories from book to stage and sometimes it doesn’t quite carry off but Tall stories do children’s theatre with Gusto, with other shows such as the Gruffalo and Room on a Broom they are able to capture the attention and imagination of small children perfectly.

Everyone who has small children will relate to this show, we have all had that small voice echo down the hallway about the scary thing that only appears in the room when you leave them or the sudden need for a drink, a wee or anything that will get you to go back in to their rooms, but what is the scary thing is not really scary? What if the scary thing itself is scared?

Emily Brown and her trusted rabbit Stanley are trying to go to sleep when they are disturbed by a noise outside, they set off on an adventure to help find out why the Thing is so upset, can they help him get to sleep?

Emily Brown and the Thing is a beautiful mix of music, actors and puppetry perfect to keep small children engaged and the message is simple, everyone is scared of something but we can all conquer our fears.

Emily Brown and the Thing continues at the Lowry until Sunday the 2nd



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