Legoland Disovery Centre Manchester

Reviewed for Mumsnet Local.

Legoland Discovery Centre lies in the Trafford Centre Manchester in its larger Barton Square, obviously much smaller than its Windsor counterpart it still has a large selection of rides, workshops and activities including Forest Persuits Car ride, Merlins Apprentice, a Lazer shoot em up train ride and a 4d cinema as well as the usual bricks building, car testing and master builder workshop areas. Since our last visit the venue has installed free wifi which is a big plus if your children are older and do not need you to constantly hover.

On arrival we joined the prebooked line, there are two lines which feed into one entrance and four tills inside, a certain number from each queue are let through each time. I would estimate we waited around 20 minutes in the queue before we reached the till area due to the amount in the queue in front of us and the waiting for the previous factory tour to finish, we arrived quite early and it can get much busier later in the day. The Queues are regulary big enough to reach outside but luckily it was sunny and dry so not a problem.

Once inside we reached the factory tour, a brief and interactive explanation of how lego is made, ‘Professor Brick’ was enthusiastic, and actively encouraged children and adults alike to participate, children are given roles to ‘help fix the machines and get the lego factory working again’ each child is given a certificate and a small brick as a reward.

You then feed into the main section and a mini land of Lego city buildings.

Kingdom Quest

A lazer ride with carridges where you have to shoot the baddies and rescue the princess, the children both enjoyed this.

Lego 4d Cinema

The show we watched was Chima, the children loved the special effects and we did not have to queue long to get in, the show malfunctioned and basically set all the special effects off while we were there sending fake ice onto the audience for a few minutes but the engineer came quickly, it was well handled and the children thought this was brilliant!

Fire Academy

A large soft place structure with slides, ball pools and climbing equipment, seperate area for toddlers and smaller children.

Forest Persuits

A push the peddle and go car ride following a track through the ‘forest’. Be aware although the Forest Persuit looks like a small childrens ride it actually has a height minimum on it and children must be 1 metre and 4 years old to ride.

Lego Racers

A large area where children can build their own cars and test their speed and durability on various ramps and race tracks, the children enjoyed this very much and there were plenty of wheels and frames available.

Master Builders

Children can work with a master builder to learn how to build a special item, the master builder was patient and encouraging and took time to help the children who were struggling to keep up. You can purchase the kit afterwards from the shop for around £3 but this will be a pre made item, you cannot purchase the actual item your child has built.

Merlins Apprentice

The member of staff on the ride was wonderful, very enthusiastic and making silly noises and voices to keep the children entertained. The ride is a flying machine where you can go as high as you can peddle. The faster you peddle the higher you go.

Olivia’s House

Lots of pink lego and a karaoke machine!


A selection of hot and cold sandwiches, drinks and snacks, childrens sandwich packs can be purchased and include a sandwich, drink, crisp and a piece of fruit. Cost £4.50 each. Not a huge selection and we stuggled to find somewhere to sit when it was busy.

All in all the Discovery Centre is a good place to spend a few hours on a rainy day especially if you can get one of the many special offers or online prices.

If you have smaller children I would recommend you go during term time when it is quieter as it can get very busy. The centre has lifts and baby changing available.

There is a large and well stocked Lego shop at the exit and photo opportunity points throughout. Birthday parties are also available.


Adults and Children Walk Up £16.95

Online Price £9.95


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