Walter Under the Bridge by Dion Child and Graeme Bowen – Book Review



Everybody knows that trolls live under bridges but have you ever seen one? Well now is your chance!

Walter Under the Bridge is a delightful story of a little troll who needs to find a new home after the big bad mean trolls force him out of his home (and we hope they get their comeuppance!). Packing up his coins and waving a sad goodbye to his many friends he sets off on an adventure to find a new place to stay.

Fearing he would never find a new home he walks for days without a backward glance before stumbling on the the wonderful Chester a real life American cocker spaniel who leads him to a place to stay and new friendships are forever forged.

The illustrations in this book are wonderful, the level of peril is pitched perfectly. What makes the story so magical is its link to real life, Whitney Bridge is a real life 18th Century toll bridge in Hereford owned by Maggie Taylor and Grahame Penny, what better magic than a place you can actually visit and bring the story to life (and even get a sticker to say you have met Walter!)

My children adored this book, they particularly enjoyed the activity and colour sheet and loved the idea that 50p from each book purchased would go to helping dogs in real life (donation goes to the Dogs Trust) and are now most desperate to take a trip to Whitney Bridge to meet Chester and see if they just might spy a little troll and his friends curled up under a bridge.




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